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Adding a Training Curriculum

The following procedure describes how to add a curriculum to a training database. For information on establishing the courses that make up the curriculum, see Specifying Training Curriculum Details.

To add a curriculum

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Training Administration > Curriculums.
  2. In the Curriculum list, click New, and complete the fields for the new record.
  3. The following table describes the fields.

    Use this field to create visibility restrictions. Click the select button and choose an audience type in the Curriculum Audience dialog box.
    The curriculum category. Category examples are Communications Skills and Computer Science. Available values for Category are set in the TRAINING_CURR_CATEGORY_TYPE list of values. For more information about editing lists of values, see Applications Administration Guide.
    Check Transcript
    Select this check box to automatically credit courses that users have completed as part of a curriculum.
    Curriculum description.
    Job Profiles
    Use this field to associate the course with one or more specific job roles. End users can locate the course using a search by job role.
    Maximum Points
    Sum of the course points for the step
    Minimum Points
    Minimum number of points required to complete the step based on the number of courses required and their respective point values.
    Curriculum name.
    Select this check box to lock the curriculum and make it available to end users. Administrators must create a new curriculum to change the curriculum visible by users.
    Use this field to indicate the status of the curriculum and determine its availability.
    When the value is Active, the curriculum can be taken by any student enrolled in a course associated with the curriculum.
    After the curriculum is released, change the Status to Inactive.
    Use this field to indicate why courses in the curriculum are grouped together. The values are Course Bundle and Training Plan.

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 Published: 21 April 2003