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Oracle® Universal Content Management Web Parts User Guide
Release 10gR3
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Administration Options

The Administration option on the Main Navigation Tree is used to configure system specific elements of the Web Parts product.

When you click this option, the Main Admin Screen is displayed. This Administration Screen is divided into three general categories:

To access this screen, log in as an administrator. Select Administration from the Main Navigation Tree. The Main Admin Screen is displayed.

After making edits, click Save to save your changes. Click Reset to clear your changes and reinstate the previously saved configuration. Click Reset WSS cache to clear the Web Support Server cache directory but leave all other configuration unchanged.

Default User Setting

You can set a default for users that is applicable for all web pages designed using the Web Parts product. Content Page Row Count sets the default size for the number of rows used when returning search results.

Standard Information

The following options can be set to determine how the Content Server is used by others at your site:

  • Paged Resource Retriever - Used Saved Column Widths: If checked, uses saved width for additional resource.

  • Session Timeout (minutes): Sets the number of minutes until the system times out after inactivity.

  • Content Server - End Point Socket: Sets the address of the end point socket.

  • Content Server - Trusted System User Name: Sets the administrator's login name.

  • Content Server - Use Sockets: Sets how many sockets to use.

  • Content Server - Web Service Connection URL: Sets the URL for the web service.

  • Stellent.Scs.WebServiceSupport.SystemUserName: Sets the administrator's name for WSS.

  • Stellent.Scs.WebServiceSupport.UseProxy: If set to true, proxies are used. If set to false, proxies are not used.

  • StellentConterServer.WebServiceConnectionPort: Sets the port number for the Web Service connection.

  • WebSupportServer.DefaultUserSetting.WSS.Logs.PageRowCount: Sets the number of rows on a WSS log file.

  • Web Support Server.Session.Store.GlobalCacheTimeoutMinutes: Sets the number of minutes until the cache times out after inactivity.

Diagnostic Information

The following diagnostic information can be edited on this screen:

  • Trace all available reporting points: If checked, all reporting points will be added to log files.

  • Trace Key Points: If checked, key or main entry points into WSS are added to the log files.

  • Use console output: If checked, console output will be added to log files.