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Oracle® Universal Content Management Web Parts User Guide
Release 10gR3
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Using the WSS Config Editor

The WSS Config editor can be used to change configuration information for your system. The editor is located (by default) at:

c:\Program Files\Oracle\WSS\WSSConfigEditor.exe

To use the editor, click the file name. The Config Editor screen is displayed. Six tabs indicate screens of information containing configuration details that can be changed. All configuration options are represented by name-value pairs. To change a setting, right click on the setting and select Edit to change the value.

The Settings tab contains configuration settings that are specific to the Web Support Server. The last item in the Settings list is the encrypted password for the system.

The remainder of this chapter discusses the settings that can be changed. Many settings can be changed using the configuration editor, and when possible that tool should be used. However, not all functionality can be changed with the WSS Config Editor. Some configuration settings, such as mapped users, must be manually changed in configuration files.

See the "Configuration Interface Screens" for screen shots of the WSS Config Editor configuration screens that can be used to change configuration settings.