Oracle Business Intelligence

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Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) offering designed for small-to-midsize businesses or departments in larger organizations. It is a complete BI solution that includes interactive dashboards, highly formatted reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), data modeling, and server administration – all in an easy-to-install package with minimal configuration.

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One has all the components that you need to build your BI solution. The BI components of Oracle BI Standard Edition One are the same powerful components that are in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, protecting your investment as your usage requirements grow.

Please start with the Business Intelligence Standard Edition One Tutorial. It takes you through the entire process of building your business intelligence system from your source data to highly formatted business documents, insightful dashboards, and powerful ad-hoc analysis. It also contains a very valuable "Next Steps" chapter that provides an outline of links to more detailed documentation on additional tasks that you will likely want to perform with Business Intelligence Standard Edition One.

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