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Oracle® Business Intelligence New Features Guide

Part Number E10416-07
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23 Additional New Features in BI Publisher Release

This chapter describes features of BI Publisher that were introduced in Release and that apply to Releases through Information about these features is also provided in the BI Publisher documentation set that has been updated for Release This chapter contains the following sections:

23.1 Support for CSV Output

You can use Comma Separated Value (CSV) as an output type for any report with a simple <rowset>/<row> data structure. Support for this output type is based on the structure of the data. No template is required.

23.2 Report Definition Features

The following new features have been added to enhance options when defining reports:

23.3 Report Viewing Features

The following new features are available from the View report page:

23.4 New Property for LDAP Security Model

For the LDAP security model, a new property, Group Retrieval Size, has been added. This property enables support of the LDAPv3 control extension for simple paging of search results. By default, pagination is not used. If this property is provided, then the value determines the number of results to return on a page (for example, 200).

The LDAP server must support control type 1.2.840.113556.1.4.319 to support this feature, such as OID 10.1.4. See your LDAP server documentation for information on support of this control type. For more information about LDAP pagination and the required control type, see the article: RFC 2696 - LDAP Control Extension for Simple Paged Results Manipulation ( .