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Oracle® Business Intelligence New Features Guide

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22 Support for PostScript Printers in Release

This chapter describes a feature of BI Publisher that was introduced in Release and that applies to Releases through Information about this feature is also provided in the BI Publisher documentation set that has been updated for Release

Release introduces BI Publisher's support for PostScript printers, as described in this chapter. This chapter includes the following sections:

22.1 Introduction

PDF is a popular output format for business reports and is printable from viewer software such as Adobe Reader. However, some reports require printing directly from the report server. For example, paychecks and invoices are usually printed as scheduled batch jobs. Some newer printers with PostScript Level 3 compliant Raster Image Processing can natively support PDF documents, but there are still many printers in business use that support only PostScript Level 2 that cannot print PDF documents directly.

BI Publisher provides native support for PostScript Level printers. Previously, to enable printing from the BI Publisher server to a PostScript printer, you configured a filter to invoke a third-party utility to perform the conversion. Now BI Publisher provides the utility to convert PDF to PostScript 2.0. If the printer supports PostScript 2.0, then you are no longer required to use a third-party utility to print directly from the server.

22.2 Setting Up the Print Server to Use the Converter

The conversion utility is provided as an option from the Filter list of the Print Server definition page:

  1. Log in to Oracle BI Publisher as an Administrator.

  2. From the Admin tab, under the Delivery heading, select Printer.

  3. Select an existing print server, or to add a new one, click Add Server.

  4. Under the General properties, select PDF to PostScript from the Filter field list. The following figure shows the Filter field list of the print server definition.

    This screenshot is described in surrounding text.

    For information on setting up the other fields in the Print Server definition page, see Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Report Designer's Guide.

After completing all other required fields for the print server, you can schedule reports to print directly from the BI Publisher server to any printer that supports PostScript Level 2.

22.3 Limitations

This release of the PDF to PostScript converter has the following limitations: