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Oracle® Business Intelligence New Features Guide

Part Number E10416-07
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25 New Features in BI Publisher Release

This chapter describes two features of BI Publisher that were introduced in Release and apply to Releases through Information about these features is also provided in the BI Publisher documentation set that has been updated for Release This chapter contains the following sections:

25.1 Support for Document Cache

In Release, BI Publisher introduces document caching. Document caching is enabled at the report level. With document cache enabled, when a user views the report online, the document (data plus layout) is placed in cache. When the same user uses the online Report Viewer to view the exact same report (same layout, same output type, same parameter selections) the document is retrieved from the cache. The document remains in the cache according to the cache specifications set in BI Publisher's System Maintenance page. Note that scheduled reports do not use the document cache.

To enable the document cache for a report, navigate to the report and select the Edit link. On the Report Editor page, view the Report Properties. Under General Settings, select Enable Document Cache.

For information on setting the cache specifications, see Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Report Designer's Guide.

25.2 Support for New Output Types

Release of BI Publisher introduces the following changes to the report output types available: