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Oracle® Beehive Release Notes
Release 1 (1.2 and 1.3)

Part Number E10487-09
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7 Oracle Beehive Service Notes

This module contains the following types of information regarding Oracle Beehive services:

Known Limitations and Workarounds with Oracle Beehive Services

This section contains information about known limitations and workarounds related to Oracle Beehive services, and includes the following topics:

IMAP RFC 2086 Not Supported

Bug 6346965. IMAP ACL RFC 2086 is not supported in this release of Oracle Beehive.

Certain Aspects of Chat Rooms Not Currently Supported

Bug 6903215. Currently, only the owners of chat rooms can close them, which causes a chat room to automatically close if its owner exits the chat session. Also, password-protected chat rooms are not currently supported.

Size Limitation for Tasktitle, Initiator, and Approver Fields in Workflow

Bug 6628423. A size limit exists (measured in bytes) for the <defaultValue> element of the tasktitle, initiator, and approver attributes, all of which appear in the serial and parallel vote workflows that Oracle Beehive provides. Tasktitle is limited to 75 bytes, while initiator and approver are limited to 100 bytes. Note that when using multi-byte character sets, each character may consume more than one byte, therefore the effective size limitations may be less than those described here.

Delegation for Resource Reservations Not Supported


This limitation applies to Release 1 (1.2) only.

The Time Management Service does not support delegation capabilities for reservations made on resources, such as the ability for resource delegates to approve or decline reservation requests on resources.

Server-side Rules Based on E-mail Subject Field May Fail When Virus Exists

If Oracle Beehive identifies a virus in an incoming e-mail message, the E-mail Service will automatically modify the value of the Subject field to indicate that the message has been altered as a preventive measure. However, this may prevent Oracle Beehive from correctly enforcing any server-side rules that are based on the Subject field of the e-mail message.

Mozilla Lightning Prevents Users from Adding Attendees to Tasks

Bug 6845472. Due to a limitation of Mozilla Lightning, users of that product are unable to add attendees to tasks if they do not specify a start date and end date. To overcome this limitation, users must specify a start date and end date for the tasks that they create and want to assign to attendees.

For more information, please refer to following Web page provided at Mozilla's website:

CalDAV Does Not Support Non-ASCII Characters in Credentials

Bugs 7009025 and 6997672. The CalDAV standard does not support non-ASCII credentials in user credentials. If your organization plans to leverage the CalDAV Service, please ensure that your users have or create credentials that contain ASCII characters only.

Attempts to Download Files Over FTP in Active Mode May Fail

Bug 7321883. Attempts to download files over FTP while in active mode may fail. To avoid this issue, configure FTP to use passive mode.

Known Issues with Oracle Beehive Services

This section contains information on known issues with Oracle Beehive services, and includes the following topics:

Search Requires Recent Archive Logs

Bug 6245357. After the installation of Oracle Beehive, if the entire database archive log file is deleted or moved, the Oracle Beehive search function returns zero results for all searches. Archive log files are located on the computer that hosts the Oracle Beehive database, in a location indicated in table V$archive_dest.

To avoid this problem, use the following procedure to determine which is the oldest archive log file still in use by the search indexer. You can safely delete or move archive log files older than that one.

To determine which log file is still being used by the search indexer (and, therefore, should not be deleted):

  1. Using SQL*Plus, connect to the Oracle Beehive database:

    connect / as sysdba
  2. Run the following SQL query:

    select from v$log_history a, v$archived_log b
    where a.first_change# <= (select least(required_checkpoint_scn) from dba_capture where capture_name like 'CDC%')
    and a.next_change# > (select least(required_checkpoint_scn) from dba_capture where capture_name like 'CDC%')
    and a.sequence# = b.sequence#(+);

This query returns a filename. Logs that were archived before that file can be deleted without affecting Oracle Beehive search.

Workspace Subscription Notifications for Add Member Events Fail if User Names are Greater Than 90 Characters

Bug 6330881. A notification is not generated for an add member event of a workspace subscription notification if a user name is greater than 90 characters. The notification is successful for user names that are 90 characters or less.

Changes to Tasks Made in Oracle Beehive Integration for Outlook Do Not Immediately Appear in Mozilla Lightning

Changes to tasks made in Oracle Beehive Integration for Outlook do not immediately appear in Mozilla Lightning. To force a refresh, toggle (uncheck and re-check) the Show completed tasks option in the Mozilla Lightning Todo panel.

Possible Delays When Refreshing Apple iCal Calendar and Scheduling Inboxes

Bug 6711627. Apple iCal users may experience long delays when refreshing their calendar and scheduling inboxes. If your users experience this issue, please contact Oracle Support Services for configuration instructions.

Disabled User Accounts are Still Visible to Other Users

Bug 6715373. User accounts that have been disabled will still be visible to other users. For example, users with active accounts can invite users with disabled accounts to meetings, send them e-mail messages, and find them in the results of search queries.

WebDAV Webfolder Login Fails on Windows XP

Bug 6707419. Login may fail when Microsoft Web Folders is set up for a WebDAV instance. The login dialog pops up repeatedly despite entering valid credentials. This error occurs when both HTTP and HTTPS access is enabled, and access is attempted via HTTP. To correct this problem, you will need to stop and restart the WebClient service on the computer of the affected user.

To stop and restart the WebClient service, complete the following steps:

  1. On the user's computer, open the Services utility. You can access the Services utility through the Administrative Tools option in the Control Panel.

  2. From the list of services, click WebClient and do one of the following:

    • On the toolbar, click Stop Service.

    • Right-click WebClient and select Stop from the menu that appears.

  3. Connect through Microsoft Web Folders to the WebDAV URL:

    http://<your beehive server>:<port>/content/dav

  4. Restart the WebClient service.

User Cannot Approve Workflow Tasks if User is Initiator and Approver

Bug 6926010. For workflows that contain tasks, such as custom workflows with human tasks or the pre-configured Serial and Parallel Vote workflows provided by Oracle Beehive, an issue will occur if the initiator of a workflow is also the approver of its tasks. When a user initiates a workflow, Oracle Beehive sends an e-mail to the approver and places one or more pending tasks in the approver's task list in Oracle Beehive Integration for Outlook. If the user is both the initiator and the approver, and attempts to approve a task, a message will appear that states the user does not have "sufficient permissions to complete this operation" and the task will remain in a pending approval state. In addition, the workflow cannot proceed.

Records Management Service Recordizes Artifacts Identified as Non-records


This issue is resolved in Oracle Beehive Release 1 (1.3) and later.

Bug 6938547. The Records Management Service incorrectly identifies and recordizes artifacts that have been filed as non-records (is_record = false).

Mozilla Lightning Users Unable to Dismiss Task and Meeting Alarms

Bug 6852984. Users of Mozilla Lighting are unable to dismiss reminders, or alarms, for tasks and meetings by clicking the Dismiss or Dismiss All buttons. To close the dialog window for an alarm, users must instead click the X (Close button) located in the dialog window's top-right corner. However, doing so does not dismiss the alarm and it may reappear at regular intervals.

Oracle Beehive May Log Warnings Caused by Proprietary Client Extension Packets

Bug 6951913. If Oracle Beehive detects or receives proprietary or unsupported client extension packets, it may log warnings in its log files even if the packets have no deleterious effects on the system or clients in question. For example, Oracle Messenger contains a proprietary extension packet (jcp:serverprefs) that will cause Oracle Beehive to log a warning in the BEEAPP log file. Oracle Beehive may also send a message to Oracle Messenger that states "the feature is not supported." However, this issue does not impact the performance or integrity of the system or its clients, and therefore can be ignored.

Brackets in Folders and File Names May Result in Errors for Browser-based WebDAV Operations

Web-browser based users of the WebDAV Service may experience issues, such as HTTP 404 errors, when attempting to access folders and file names that contain left ([) or right brackets (]).