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Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications Installation and Configuration Guide
Version 7.9.4
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Part I Getting Started

1 What's New in This Version

2 Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

3 Pre-installation and Predeployment Requirements for Oracle BI Applications

Part II Installation and Post-Installation Steps For BI Applications

4 Installing and Configuring Oracle BI Applications on Windows

5 Installing Oracle BI Applications on Unix

Part III Customization and Security in Oracle BI Applications

6 Customizing the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse

7 Integrated Security for Oracle BI Applications

Part IV Configuring Your Analytical Applications

8 Configuring Common Areas and Dimensions

9 Configuring Oracle's Supply Chain Family of Products

10 Configuring Oracle Financial Analytics

11 Configuring Oracle Order Management and Fulfillment Analytics

12 Configuring Oracle HR Analytics

13 Configuring Oracle Sales Analytics

14 Configuring Oracle Contact Center Telephony Analytics

15 Configuring the Oracle BI Applications Repository

Part V Appendices

A Installing the Usage Accelerator Application

B Localizing Oracle Business Intelligence Deployments

C Integrating Interactive Dashboards and Operational Applications Data

D Configuring Metadata for Analytics Applications

E Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse for Life Sciences Data Considerations

F Pharma Disconnected Analytics Administration - Supplemental Information

G Using Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse Exception Reports

H Troubleshooting Oracle Business Intelligence Applications