LiquidVM User Guide

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LiquidVM Overview

What is LiquidVM?

Understanding the LiquidVM File System

Using the Virtual Local Disk

Determining the Amount of Free Disk Space

Increasing the Size of the Local Disk

Using the LiquidVM SSH Service

SSH Listen Port

Authenticating with the SSH Service

Installing a Real Password In Addition to a Public Key

Auditing SSH Actions

Using LiquidVM in Passive Mode

Configuring LiquidVM Connection Parameters

Before You Begin

Configuring LiquidVM in Graphical Mode

Configuring LiquidVM in Console Mode

Understanding the File

Using the WLOC ISO Builder

WLOC ISO Builder Tool

How the WLOC ISO Builder Works

Using the WLOC ISO Builder to Create an ISO Image

Using the LiquidVM Launcher Commands

LiquidVM Launcher Overview

Starting and Creating a LiquidVM Instance

LiquidVM Launcher Commands

General Commands

Disk Commands

Networking Commands

SSH Commands

Logging Commands

VMware Virtual Infrastructure-specific Commands

Stopping a LiquidVM Instance

Native Code Library Support in LiquidVM


Native Functions That Will Work with LiquidVM

Native Functions That Will Not Work with LiquidVM

Building a Shared Library for LiquidVM

Loading a Shared Library Inside LiquidVM

What Happens If a Shared Library Calls Non-existent Functions?

Supported Native Code Functions in LiquidVM

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