Configuring and Managing the WebLogic Messaging Bridge

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to This Document

Related Documentation

Samples and Tutorials for the JMS Developer

Avitek Medical Records Application (MedRec) and Tutorials

JMS Examples in the WebLogic Server Distribution

Additional JMS Examples Available for Download

New and Changed Features in This Release

Understanding the Messaging Bridge

What Is a Messaging Bridge?

Messaging Bridge Components

Resource Adapters

Source and Target Bridge Destinations

Messaging Bridge Instance

Configuring and Managing a Messaging Bridge

Create a Messaging Bridge Instance

Manage a Messaging Bridge Instance

Designing a Messaging Bridge

When to use a Messaging Bridge

Store and Forward Messaging

Replicating a Topic

When to Avoid using a Messaging Bridge

Selecting a Quality-of-Service (QOS) Level

Messaging Persistence

Message Ordering

Setting the Number of Connection Factories

Preserving Message Properties

Using the JMSXUserID Property with a Messaging Bridge

Using Distributed Destinations as Source and Target Destinations

Tuning a WebLogic Messaging Bridge

Interoperating with Different WebLogic Server Releases or Foreign Providers

Interoperating with Different WebLogic Server Releases

Naming Guidelines for WebLogic Servers and Domains

Configuring Interoperability for WebLogic Domains

Configuring Interoperability for Exactly-once QOS

Configuring At-least-once or At-most-once QOS

Interoperating with Foreign Providers

FAQs: WebLogic Messaging Bridge

Why did the messaging bridge fail to connect to the source bridge destination?

Can the messaging bridge handle two-phase or global transactions between separate WebLogic Server domains or between different releases?

I configured the messaging bridge to use the Exactly-once quality of service for two-phase transactions. So why am I getting a “quality of service is unreachable” error?

Can a messaging bridge to automatically downgrade the quality of service if the Exactly-once service isn’t available on either the source or target bridge destination?

I deployed the transactional jms-xa-adp.rar resource adapter on domain where the message bridge is running, but I still get a “failed to find bridge adapter” message?

When configuring a source or target messaging bridge destination, do I need to set the Adapter Classpath field?

How do I enable debugging for the messaging bridge?

What do the messaging bridge monitoring states indicate on the Monitor Messaging Bridge console page?

Is there another way to monitor the messaging bridge without using the Administration Console?

Can the messaging bridge use distributed destinations as source and target destinations?

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