Class ClientSAFGenerate

  extended by weblogic.jms.extensions.ClientSAFGenerate

public class ClientSAFGenerate
extends Object

This is a helper class for generating a SAF Client configuration file. The weblogic.jms.extensions.ClientSAFGenerate utility generates a JMS SAF client configuration file, using either a JMS module file or an existing JMS SAF client configuration file. For more information refer to the client SAF documentation in "Programming Stand-alone Clients".

Usage: java weblogic.jms.extensions.ClientSAFGenerate [ -url server-url ] [ -username name-of-user ] [ -existingClientFile file-path ] [ -moduleFile file-path ['@' plan-path ]]* [ -outputFile file-path ]

See Also:
ClientSAF, ClientSAFEncrypt

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