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Packages that use ContextNotFoundException
weblogic.webservice.context Deprecated.Provides interfaces and a class for weblogic.webservice.context. 
weblogic.webservice.extensions Deprecated. Provides interfaces for weblogic.webservice.extensions. 

Uses of ContextNotFoundException in weblogic.webservice.context

Methods in weblogic.webservice.context that throw ContextNotFoundException
static WebServiceContext WebServiceContext.currentContext()
          Deprecated. Returns the context information associated with the current thread.

Uses of ContextNotFoundException in weblogic.webservice.extensions

Methods in weblogic.webservice.extensions that throw ContextNotFoundException
 WebServiceContext WLService.joinContext()
          Deprecated. If the current thread is already associated with a context (i.e., the client is called within a WebLogic Web service implementation, such as an EJB or Java class method), the parent context is used for this service proxy.

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