Developing Manageable Applications with JMX

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to this Document

Related Documentation

Samples for the JMX Developer

New and Changed JMX Features in This Release

Understanding JMX

What Management Services Can You Develop with JMX?

Creating Management-Aware Applications

When Is It Appropriate to Use JMX?

What Management Services Have BEA Partners Developed?

JMX Layers

Indirection and Introspection

Notifications and Monitor MBeans

How JMX Notifications Are Broadcast and Received

Active Polling with Monitor MBeans

Designing Manageable Applications

Benefits of BEA Best Practices

Use Standard MBeans

Registering Custom MBeans in the WebLogic Server Runtime MBean Server

Alternative: Register Custom MBeans in the JVM’s Platform MBean Server

Use ApplicationLifecycleListener to Register Application MBeans

Unregister Application MBeans When Applications Are Undeployed

Place Management Logic for EJBs and Servlets in a Delegate Class

Use Open MBean Data Types

Emit Notifications Only When Necessary

Additional Design Considerations

Registering MBeans in the JVM Platform MBean Server

Registering Application MBeans by Using Only JDK Classes

Organizing Managed Objects and Business Objects

Packaging and Accessing Management Classes

Securing Custom MBeans with Roles and Policies

Instrumenting and Registering Custom MBeans

Overview of the MBean Development Process

Create and Implement a Management Interface

Modify Business Methods to Push Data

Register the MBean

Package Application and MBean Classes

Using the WebLogic Server JMX Timer Service

Overview of the WebLogic Server JMX Timer Service

Creating the Timer Service: Main Steps

Configuring a Timer MBean to Emit Notifications

Creating Date Objects

Example: Generating a Notification Every Five Minutes After 9 AM

Removing Notifications

Accessing Custom MBeans

Accessing Custom MBeans from JConsole

Accessing Custom MBeans from WebLogic Scripting Tool

Accessing Custom MBeans from an Administration Console Extension

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