WebLogic Server Performance and Tuning

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Introduction and Roadmap

This section describes the contents and organization of this guide—WebLogic Server Performance and Tuning.


Document Scope and Audience

This document is written for people who monitor performance and tune the components in a WebLogic Server environment. It is assumed that readers know server administration and hardware performance tuning fundamentals, WebLogic Server, XML, and the Java programming language.


Guide to this Document


Performance Features of this Release

WebLogic Server introduces the following performance enhancements:

One-Way Sends for Non-Persistent Messages

You may greatly improve the performance of typical non-persistent messaging by using one-way message sends. By enabling the “One-Way Send Mode” option on your connection factory, its associated producers can send messages without internally waiting for a response from the target destination’s host JMS server. You can choose to allow queue senders and topic publishers to do one-way sends, or limit this capability to topic publishers only. You can also configure a one-way window size to determine when a two-way message is required to regulate producer before they can continue making additional one-way sends.

See Tuning WebLogic JMS.


Related Documentation

For related information about administering and tuning WebLogic Server, see Related Reading: Performance Tools and Information.

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