Programming WebLogic Security

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Introduction and Roadmap

The following sections describe the contents and organization of this guide—Programming WebLogic Security:


Document Scope

This document explains how to use the WebLogic Server security programming features.

See Related Information for a description of other WebLogic Server security documentation.

This document is intended for the following audiences:


Guide to this Document

This document is organized as follows:

Note: This document does not supply detailed information for developers who want to write custom security providers for use with WebLogic Server. For information on developing custom security providers, see Developing Security Providers for WebLogic Server.


Related Information

In addition to this document, Programming WebLogic Security, the following documents provide information on the WebLogic Security Service:


Security Samples and Tutorials

In addition to the documents listed in Related Information, BEA Systems provides a variety of code samples for developers.

Security Examples in the WebLogic Server Distribution

WebLogic Server optionally installs API code examples in WL_HOME\samples\server\examples\src\examples\security, where WL_HOME is the top-level directory of your WebLogic Server installation. You can start the examples server, and obtain information about the samples and how to run them from the WebLogic Server Start menu.

The following examples illustrate WebLogic security features:

The security tasks and code examples provided in this document assume that you are using the WebLogic security providers that are included in the WebLogic Server distribution, not custom security providers. The usage of the WebLogic security APIs does not change if you elect to use custom security providers, however, the management procedures of your custom security providers may be different.

Note: This document does not provide comprehensive instructions on how to configure WebLogic Security providers or custom security providers. For information on configuring WebLogic security providers and custom security providers, see Securing WebLogic Server.

Additional Examples Available for Download

Additional API examples are available for download at These examples are distributed as .zip files that you can unzip into an existing WebLogic Server samples directory structure.

You build and run the downloadable examples in the same manner as you would an installed WebLogic Server example. See the download pages of individual examples for more information.


New and Changed Security Features in This Release

For this manual, there are no significant new or changed features for version 10.0 of WebLogic Server.

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