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Configuring a ShellJob

You can run create a custom production job that contains a shell script, executable, or other program written to perform a task specific to your requirements. The ShellJob job type enables you to run custom scripts or programs, and include preprocessors or postprocessors as part of a custom job. You can use a SQL script to add the new job to the Oracle Self-Service E-Billing database, making it available to configure, schedule, and run using the Command Center.

The com.edocs.tasks.shellcmd task provides the ShellCmdTask class that executes an external shell command, for example to create custom Command Center jobs.

The following command enables the debug key for the shell command task:

-Dcom.edocs.tasks.shellcmd.debug=true Shell commands

NOTE:  When a shell command job runs, it is possible for it to run successfully but generate nonstandard output. In this case, the return code (0) displays No Operation even though the job ran to completion. To clarify this situation for the user, add a command to the shell script to display a message telling users to check the output.

Parameters for Configuring the ShellCmdTask Task

Table 11 displays the configuration parameters for the ShellCmdTask task.

Table 11. Parameters for Configuring the ShellCmdTask Task
What to Enter or Select

Shell Command

Your shell command.

Environment Vars

Your environment variables, separated by semicolons.

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