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Scheduling Payment Jobs

You can schedule Payment jobs to run during periods of low customer activity, typically after midnight.

If two jobs access the same database table, schedule them to run at different times, as this could cause a database access error. Be sure to schedule the following jobs as follows:

  • Check jobs. Run pmtRecurringPayment, pmtCheckSubmit, pmtCheckUpdate, pmtPaymentReminder, and pmtConfirmEnroll in that order.
  • Credit card jobs. Run the pmtCreditCardSubmit job before running the pmtPaymentReminder job.
  • Enrollment jobs. Run pmtSubmitEnroll before running the pmtConfirmEnroll job.

Use the pmtAllCheckTasks job or the job sequencing feature in Oracle Self-Service E-Billing to run all Payment module jobs sequentially (preventing specific jobs from running simultaneously). You can also customize your environment by editing the pmtAllCheckTasks job to not run specific jobs.

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