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About Email Notifications

Email can be sent to customers to notify them of an action regarding a payment and about enrollment status. The customer email jobs are described in Table 39.

Table 39. Email Notification Jobs


Sends email notification when a payment is scheduled by a recurring payment, and when the recurring payment expires.


Reminds the customer when a payment is about to be made, when a payment has been successful, when a payment has failed, and when a payment has been returned.


Notifies customers that their credit card is about to expire.


Email can also be sent to the payment administrator indicating whether payment jobs have finished successfully. Job status email is optional. It can be disabled for each payment gateway during payment gateway configuration.

The email message format and content is controlled by the email template files, the path to which is defined by the Email template status notification parameter in Payment Settings. The default templates are stored in the $EDX_HOME/config directory (or the %EDX_HOME%\config directory on Windows). The default email template files must be customized, which is usually done by Oracle Professional Services during installation. Contact Oracle Professional Services or your development team for more information. Email Template Notification describes the template files and describes the variables available for use in template files.

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