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Using Spring (XMA) Configuration Files

Oracle Self-Service E-Billing uses Spring to manage JavaBean creation and transactions. The configuration of Hibernate is also through Spring. These files are also called XMA configuration files in Oracle Self-Service E-Billing terms and exist in the EDX_HOME/xma directory (or the EDX_HOME\xma directory on Windows). In the path, EDX_HOME is the directory where you installed Oracle Self-Service E-Billing. These are the core configuration files of Oracle Self-Service E-Billing and you must not modify them unless instructed in this document.

Possible reasons to customize these files include:

  • To enable Hibernate show_sql.
  • To extend Hierarchy Management, such as adding a new link target type, reimplementing a hierarchy search interface such as IAssignedObjectProvider, inserting a new loader into the OLTPProductionLoader job, configuring a new event handler to handle hierarchy events, or configuring the hierarchy UI behavior. For more information about extending Hierarchy, see Hierarchy Developer's Guide for Oracle Self-Service E-Billing.
  • To configure the batch report job, to send email, for example.
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