6 Known Issues

The following are known issues associated with this release of the connector:

Oracle Identity Manager Issues

This section discusses the following issues associated with Oracle Identity Manager release 11.1.2.x:

  • Issue: Responsibility entitlement provisioning does not allow to select security group field value and considers DEFAULT security group.

    OIM release 11.1.2.x considers only one child form field as an entitlement for entitlement provisioning functionality. Due to this, you cannot provision responsibility with security group while provisioning responsibility entitlement.


    1. Do entitlement provisioning of responsibility which considers DEFAULT security group.

    2. Edit account.

    3. Select suitable security group.

    4. Update the account.

  • Issue: Lookup Query feature in 11.1.2.x does not work and not supported.


    1. Create new version for the child forms (ex: UD_EBS_RESP) that you are using.

    2. Add property "Lookup Code" as property name and corresponding lookup as property value for each column names

      (For example, Application Name, Responsibility Name, Security Group Name and Role Name).

      Property value:

      • Lookup.EBS.Application for Application Name.

      • Lookup.EBS.UMX.Roles for Role name.

      • Lookup.EBS.Responsibility for Responsibility Name.

      • Lookup.EBS.SecurityGroup for Security Group Name.

    3. Make version active.

    4. Create UI form.