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Oracle Hardware Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
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Overview of the Plug-In

Features of the Plug-In

Installing the Plug-In

Importing the Plug-In

Installing the Plug-In on Your Servers

Uninstalling the Plug-In

Monitoring Oracle Hardware System Targets

Oracle Hardware System Target Home Page

Metrics Available for Oracle Hardware System Targets

Understanding the Oracle Hardware Plug-In for Oracle EM Reports

System Overview Report

General Information Section

Integrated Lights Out Manager Section

Overall Status

Subsystems Status

Power Consumption and Cooling Report

Power Consumption Chart

Cooling Air Temperature Chart

Understanding Oracle Hardware System Alerts

Troubleshooting Oracle Hardware Plug-In for Oracle EM

Issues When Adding an Oracle Hardware System Target

Oracle ILOM Service Processor IP Address Changed


General Information Section

The General Information section of the report provides a basic set of information about the selected Oracle Hardware System target. The properties displayed are as follows:

For more information on the General Information section, see System Information Metrics.