A Connector Tips

This appendix provides various tips that might help you to use Siebel Connector more effectively.

Recommended Protocol

Oracle recommends that you use HTTPS as the protocol for the communication between Enterprise Manager and Siebel Help Desk.

Use HTTP only if a secure connection is not required and the data can be transferred in clear text between the two systems.

Supported Alerts

This release supports the following types of alerts:

  • Metric alerts

  • Availability alerts

Notification Failure

Notification is blocked for processing if the notification device is down due to any issues. For instance, the Siebel Help Desk server is down, the Siebel Help Desk configuration on Enterprise Manager is wrong, or the service request is removed in Siebel Help Desk.

Notification failure on one target impacts all other targets of the same target type for which the rule applies. That is, subsequent notifications are blocked until the issue is fixed or the maximum retrials fail.


The maximum retrial period is one day.

Customizing Ticket Templates

If the Siebel ticket templates do not satisfy your requirements, you can modify them. To do this, Oracle recommends that you use SiebelHelpdeskTicketTemplate.xsl as the base template. Copy this ticket template to a new file, modify, and register the new ticket template.

For example, to change the mapping or add more severity attributes based on Enterprise Manager Alert's severity, modify the following attributes:

                <xsl:when test="normalize-space(ns0:Severity) = 'Critical'">
                <xsl:when test="normalize-space(ns0:Severity) = 'Down'">
                <xsl:when test="normalize-space(ns0:Severity) = 'Warning'">

The template is highly customizable. Oracle recommends that only users with advanced knowledge of XSLT make complex changes. You can use notification rules as a filter to associate proper ticket templates with alerts. You can have as many tickets templates as desired. One notification rule can have only one ticket template.

Customizing the Connector Descriptor

You can customize the connector descriptor. You can modify the URL that navigates from Enterprise Manager to the Siebel application User Interface. This might be required, for instance, when you do a non-English deployment. The default URL to the Siebel application User Interface is for an English language deployment and therefore, for other languages, you have to modify the default URL.

To customize the connector descriptor, do the following:

  1. Modify the connector descriptor XML file SiebelDeploy.xml.

    1. Modify the bookmark URL.

      For instance, in the following sample URL, modify eai_enu for a non-English deployment.


    2. Based on the format of the URL, parameterize the information that you want to configure using the Connector Configuration page. For details, refer to the section "Defining XML and XSL Files" in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Integration Guide.

  2. Register the new connector descriptor.