F Agent Configuration File Parameters

Below is a list of parameters and their suggested value in the agent's configuration file. Typically you should never need to change any values to these settings. They are documented here only for reference and possible problem resolution. The configuration file is located at:

<agent install directory>/config/probe.properties

After making any changes to this property file, the agent must be stopped and restarted for the changes to take affect.

Table F-1 Agent Configuration File Parameters

Parameter Suggested Value


This parameter turns debugging on if the value is set to True. The default is False.


This parameter should match the location where the agent was installed. This is set by the installer and should not be changed.

Java reads this property file and uses backslashes ("\") to ESCAPE characters (i.e. like the colon). Thus, if your Agent Home directory is written with backslashes, make sure you use TWO ("\\") otherwise, when Java re-writes this file while the agent is running, it will likely strip your slashes. Also, for this particular entry you can use forward slashed (even on Windows).


Indicates how many lines the agent will append to its log file before it overwrites it. If you have the parameter Debug=true, then the log file should be larger in size.


This is the URL the agent uses to connect to the server(s) for communication. This is set by the installer and under normal operations does not need to be changed. If you are running a non-clustered environment, there will only be one host and one secure port (443 by default). If you are in a clustered environment, list each host and secure port separated by a comma.


This parameter is ONLY set to True until after the agent does its first baseline, after which the value is set to False by the agent. The initial value is set by the installer and should not be changed.

The agent automatically sets this to False after it successfully performs a baseline. After the first successful baseline, the baseline commands run once per day at 4:00pm PST, midnight GMT.


The agent ID. This value should not be changed.


Enable or disable saving a copy of the XML messages that will be sent to the server representing real events. The XML archives will be stored in the agent installation folder under {agent install dir}/archive



The time in seconds that the agent will wait between successive reconnects with the JMS server when it is not able to connect to the JMS server. The delay will be a random time between the mindelay and maxdelay value.