V$ASM_FILESYSTEM displays information for every mounted Oracle ACFS.

Column Datatype Description
FS_NAME VARCHAR2(1024) Mount point (primary key)
AVAILABLE_TIME DATE Mount time or the time that the file system became available again; NULL if the file system is not available
BLOCK_SIZE NUMBER File system block size (in kilobytes)
STATE VARCHAR2(13) File system status::


  • OFFLINE - Either the ASM instance is down, the disk group has been forced dismounted, or less commonly, a metadata I/O failure occurred or serious metadata corruption was detected. In the case of a metadata I/O failure, the file system is also marked as corrupt. An offline file system can only be unmounted; other attempts at access result in errors.

CORRUPT VARCHAR2(5) Indicates whether the file system needs the fixer (fsck, acfschkdsk) to be run (TRUE) or not (FALSE)
NUM_VOL NUMBER Number of volumes in the file system
TOTAL_SIZE NUMBER Total capacity of the file system (in megabytes)
TOTAL_FREE NUMBER Total free space in the file system (in megabytes)
TOTAL_SNAP_SPACE_USAGE NUMBER Total space used by snapshots (in megabytes)