In an Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) instance, V$ASM_OPERATION displays one row for every active Oracle ASM long running operation executing in the Oracle ASM instance.

Column Datatype Description
GROUP_NUMBER NUMBER Disk group number (primary key). This is the foreign key to the V$ASM_DISKGROUP view.
OPERATION CHAR(5) Type of the operation:
  • REBAL - Rebalance pending for this group. The disk group needs rebalance to complete.

  • ONLIN - Online disks operation in progress for the disk group

STATE VARCHAR2(4) State of the operation:
  • WAIT - No operations running for the group

  • RUN - Operation running for the group

  • REAP - Operation is being run down

  • HALT - Operation halted by admin

  • ERRS - Operation halted by errors

POWER NUMBER Power requested for the operation as specified by the ASM_POWER_LIMIT initialization parameter or command syntax
ACTUAL NUMBER Power allocated to the operation
SOFAR NUMBER Number of Allocation Units that have been moved so far by the operation
EST_WORK NUMBER Estimated number of Allocation Units that have to be moved by the operation
EST_RATE NUMBER Estimated number of Allocation Units that are being moved per minute by the operation
EST_MINUTES NUMBER Estimated amount of time (in minutes) that the remainder of the operation is expected to take
ERROR_CODE VARCHAR2(44) Oracle external error code; NULL if no error