OraNumber Object


The OraNumber interface provides methods for operations on the Oracle Number data types. This interface exposes a set of math operations that provide greater precision than is available in some programming environments, such as Visual Basic.


The OraNumber object can be obtained through the CreateOraNumber method of the OraSession object or by calling the Clone method on an existing OraNumber.

All of the methods of the OraNumber object that take a numeric argument accept a string, another numeric type, such as a long in Visual Basic, or another OraNumber object.


If a Visual Basic numeric value (or constant) is used as an argument, it is limited to the maximum precision provided by the language.

The OraNumber on which the math operation is called holds the result of the operation (overwriting any previous value). If a Format was specified (through the Format property), the value of an OraNumber must match this format or an error is raised when the Value property is accessed.


A scientific calculator example program is included as part on the samples installed with Oracle Objects for OLE. See "Demonstration Schema and Code Examples".