OraTimeStampTZ Object


The OraTimeStampTZ object represents an Oracle TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data type and provides methods for operations on this Oracle data type. The OraTimeStampTZ represents a date-time value in a specific time zone that stores the following information: year, day, hour, minute, second, nanosecond, and the time zone.


The OraTimeStampTZ object is created by the OraSession.OraCreateTimeStampTZ method or by calling the Clone method on an existing OraTimeStampTZ object.

An OraTimeStampTZ object can be bound using ServerType ORATYPE_TIMESTAMPTZ. This allows the binding of a value to a parameter associated with an Oracle TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data type in a SQL or PL/SQL statement.

When binding a string associated with an TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data type, the ServerType must be specified to be a string type (for example, ORATYPE_VARCHAR2, ORATYPE_STRING) and the string must be in the format specified by NLS_TIMESTAMP_TZ_FORMAT.