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Adding or Removing Constraints to the Eligible Audience

Members of the Segment Tree are constrained by the Eligible Audience. The eligible audience is a set of criteria that appear in the top section of the screen. The criteria are applied to the Eligible Audience by creating a segment with the constraining criteria and then adding the segment to the Eligible Audience section of the Segment Tree. For example, you may have an eligible audience that excludes inactive customers or only selects customers in your geographic region.

Optionally, your administrator can also designate a Global Audience, which is a set of criteria that applies to every segment tree and cannot be removed by other users. The Global Audience appears as a block that is more lightly shaded than the rest of the tree. For instructions about setting the Global Audience, see Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide.

To add or remove constraints to the Eligible Audience

  1. Click the actions button on the existing eligible audience block.
  2. To add constraints, choose Add Constraint and perform the following steps:
    1. In the Add additional constraints to the Eligible Audience dialog box, click Browse.
    2. Select the segment that has the criteria to use to constrain the audience.
  3. To remove constraints from the eligible audience, click the delete button on the constraint to be removed.

    NOTE:  If the constraint is the Global Audience, you cannot remove it.

  4. Click OK.
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