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Constraining List Data for a Segment Tree

This option can limit the information in list files to members of the branch. For example, if you have a segment tree based on accounts, you may qualify specific contacts for the accounts based on criteria for that branch.

Additionally, this option can limit the information in list files to any additional items that you constrained on the segment tree branch. The following are scenarios for other types of constraints:

  • Nested Segment Node. You may have a business-to-business company targeting business accounts. You split by predefined contact segments containing the decision-making contact at each account. You can make sure that you select the correct contact for each account by constraining the contact attribute for the nested segment node.
  • Split-by-Value Node. You may have a banking company targeting customers split by checking and savings account types. You can make sure that you select the correct account type for each customer by constraining the bank account attribute for the split-by-value node.

You can constrain list data for a tree branch only when the following criteria are met:

  • The branch is an embedded segment node in which the target level is different from the target level of the segment tree.
  • The branch is a split node created using the values sampling method, and the split-by field is not an aggregated measure.

To constrain list data for a segment tree

  1. In the Segment Tree Designer, locate the branch on which you want to constrain data.

    You can only constrain list data on nested segment tree nodes and split by value nodes.

  2. Click the Actions button, and choose Constrain List Data from the menu.
  3. In the dialog box, select a qualified item to constrain.
  4. In the Constrain List Data dialog box, click OK.
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