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Oracle® Role Manager Installation Guide
Release 10g (10.1.4)

Part Number E12026-05
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2 Oracle Role Manager Installation Requirements

This chapter describes Oracle Role Manager (Role Manager) installation requirements. This chapter includes the following sections:

2.1 Host Requirements for Role Manager Components

You must obtain enterprise versions of application server software and database software complete with valid licenses. Role Manager does not include the application server or database software.

The Role Manager installation program may conflict with other installed applications, utilities, or drivers. Try to remove all non-essential software and drivers from the installation computer before loading Role Manager.


Always check the Oracle Role Manager Release Notes for the requirements and supported configurations specific to each version. The information in this guide applies to the Oracle Role Manager 10.1.x versions.

2.1.1 Role Manager Application Server Host Requirements

Refer to the Oracle Role Manager Release Notes for the specific application server host requirements.

2.1.2 Database Server Host Requirements

Refer to the Oracle Database documentation for the specific database host requirements.

2.2 Planning Your Installation

Before installing Role Manager, you must read "Host Requirements for Role Manager Components" and "Installation Worksheet" to help plan your installation.

Because the Database Administrator (DBA), System Administrator, and IT Developer typically handle tasks specific to their specific areas of expertise, you should share Role Manager installation information among your team members.

2.2.1 Installation Worksheet

The Installation Worksheet table helps you identify configuration attributes you need before starting the Role Manager installation. Print this worksheet and use it to take notes as you go through your installation. Use the User Selection column to fill in information specific to your installation:

Table 2-1 Installation Worksheet

Item User Selection

Base directory for installing Role Manager.


Name or IP address of the computer where the Role Manager database is installed.


TCP listener port number for the database..


Service name of the database for your installation.


User name and password of the SYSTEM user account for access to the database.


Name or IP address of the application server computer.


TCP listener port number for the application server.