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Oracle® Database Lite Administration and Deployment Guide
Release 10.3

Part Number E12089-02
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13 Reports

This chapter details the types of reports that you can view about the Mobile Server environment:

13.1 Viewing System Status Reports for the Server

The Mobile Manager enables users to view system status reports for the Mobile Server. To view system status reports, click the Administration link and click the Summary link. As Figure 13-1 displays, the Summary page lists Database, JRE, and Operating System details.

13.2 Viewing Active User Sessions

The Mobile Manager enables administrators to display a list of all users that are connected to the Mobile Server at any given time. To view a report on active user sessions, navigate to the Administration page and click Sessions. As Figure 13-2 displays, the Sessions page lists user names, date and time of creating the user's session, and the date and time of the last session.

Figure 13-2 Sessions Page

The active sessions page.
Description of "Figure 13-2 Sessions Page"