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Oracle® Database Lite Administration and Deployment Guide
Release 10.3

Part Number E12089-02
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1 Oracle Database Lite Management With the Mobile Server

2 Connecting to the Oracle Lite and Oracle Databases

3 Managing Your Mobile Applications

4 Managing Users and Groups

5 Managing Synchronization

6 Managing Jobs with the Job Scheduler

7 Manage Your Devices

8 Manage Your Branch Office

9 Offline Instantiation for Oracle Lite Mobile Clients

10 Using the Application Server OID With Mobile Server

11 Configure Security in Oracle Database Lite

12 Configure for National Language Support (NLS)

13 Reports

14 Adding Popular URLs as Bookmarks to Mobile Server Main Page

A Configuration Parameters for the WEBTOGO.ORA File

B Data Synchronization Requirements in INIT.ORA

C Write Scripts for the Mobile Server With the WSH Tool

D Catalog Views for the Mobile Server and the Mobile Client

E POLITE.INI Parameters