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Oracle® Database Lite Oracle Lite Client Guide
Release 10.3

Part Number E12548-02
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1 The Oracle Database Lite RDBMS

2 System Requirements for the Oracle Lite Database as the Mobile Client

3 Installing the Oracle Lite Database

4 Building an Embedded Application

5 Building a Client/Server Environment

6 Managing Your Oracle Lite Mobile Client

7 Managing the Oracle Lite Database

8 Oracle Database Lite Data Access APIs

9 ODBC Drivers

10 JDBC Programming

11 Oracle Database Lite ADO.NET Provider

12 Using Simple Object Data Access (SODA)

13 Using Stored Procedures and Triggers

14 Configure Security for the Oracle Lite Database

15 Oracle Database Lite Transaction Support

16 Improving SQL Query Performance for the Oracle Lite Database

A POLITE.INI Parameters for the Oracle Lite Database

B Catalog Views for the Oracle Lite Client

C Oracle Lite Database Utilities