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SchedulerJavaExtension Interface

Note the following class of the SchedulerJavaExtension interface:

public interface SchedulerJavaExtension {
public void run(SchedulerJobInfo jobInfo) throws SchedulerJobException;
public void cancel();

This interface has two methods: run and cancel. You can implement the interface and plug the compiled class file into the Java Host instance as part of iBot execution. The following table describes the methods:



This method is invoked by the Java Host. It takes one SchedulerJobInfo object (described below), which contains instance related properties like user ID, Job ID, and Instance ID and parameters. In addition, the method is declared to throw SchedulerJobException, which is also described below.


This method is invoked if the Job instance is still running while Scheduler wants to cancel it. User can imbed the resources that clean up the routine.

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