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SchedulerJobInfo Interface

Note the following structure of the SchedulerJobInfo interface:

public interface SchedulerJobInfo {
public final int kJavaJobInformation = 0;
public final int kJavaJobWarning = 1;
public final int kJavaJobError = 2;
int jobID();
int instanceID();
int parameterCount();
String parameter(int index);
boolean hasResultSet();
File getResultSetFile();
String userID();
int getExitCode();
void setExitCode(int exitCode);
int getStatus();
void setStatus(int status);
String getMessage();
void setMessage(String message);

void appendMessage(String message);

This interface is implemented by the parameter of the run method of any class implemented by SchedulerJaveExtension interface.

Three public final integers, kJavaJobInformation, kJavaJobWarning, and kJavaJobError are the suggested values that are used to set the status depending upon the circumstances. The following table describes the circumstances:


public final int kJavaJobInformation = 0

Contains an informational message.

public final int kJavaJobWarning = 1

Contains a warning message.

public final int kJavaJobError = 2

Contains an error message.

The following table describes all methods declared in the interface:


int jobID()

Returns the job ID associated with the iBot.

int instanceID()

Returns the instance ID associated with the iBot.

int parameterCount()

Returns how many parameters are associated with the iBot.

String parameter(int index)

Returns the indexed parameter for the iBot.(1).

boolean hasResultSet()

Specifies if there is a result set for this iBot.

File getResultSetFile()

Returns a file of result set for this iBot (2).

String userID()

Returns the user running the iBot.

int getExitCode()

Returns the exit code for the iBot.

void setExitCode(int exitCode)

User can set the exit code for the iBot.

int getStatus()

Returns the status code for the iBot.

void setStatus(int status)

User can set the status code for the iBot.

String getMessage()

Returns the message associated with the iBot.

void setMessage(String message)

User can set the message associated with the iBot. It replaces the existing message.

void appendMessage(String message)

User can append an additional message to the iBot.

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