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Working with the Properties of Presentation Catalog Items

Using the Properties option of Catalog Manager, you can:

  • Create, view, edit, and delete the properties of Presentation Catalog items.
  • Take ownership of Presentation Catalog items.

    Taking ownership of an item allows only you to make changes to it. This is useful if a user needs assistance with, for example, a request.

  • Change attributes of Presentation Catalog items to hide them from display in Oracle Business Intelligence.

To work with the properties of a Presentation Catalog item

  1. In Catalog Manager, open the Presentation Catalog.
  2. Navigate to the item.
  3. Right-click the item in the Name column and choose Properties.
  4. Perform the necessary tasks:
    1. To create, edit, or delete a property, use the New, Edit, or Delete button as appropriate.

      NOTE:  The New button is used to create a new property. You should use it only if instructed to do so by Oracle Corporation.

    2. To take ownership of an item, click the Take ownership button.
    3. To change the attribute of an item to hidden (which hides the item from display in Oracle Business Intelligence), select the Hidden option.

      NOTE:  The Read-Only option is unused. The System option indicates that the item is maintained internally and should not be altered.

  5. Click Close.
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