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Copying and Pasting Items Between Presentation Catalogs

You can copy items from one catalog and paste them into another catalog. The mode in which the catalogs are opened makes no difference; that is, you can copy and paste items from an:

  • Online catalog to an offline catalog (or an offline catalog to an online catalog)
  • Online catalog to another online catalog
  • Offline catalog to another offline catalog

This is especially useful, for example, if you want to develop new items in a catalog offline and then migrate them to a production environment without having to shutdown Oracle BI Presentation Services.

Presentation Catalogs are structured in hierarchical folders. When copying or merging items, remember to also copy any items that are associated with them, such as dashboard folders, request links, and requests. URL paths in external applications may need to be re-established after a copy or merge operation if the entire folder path is not copied, for example, if added to the dashboard as a link or text.

To copy and paste items between Presentation Catalogs

  1. In Catalog Manager, open the Presentation Catalog that you want to change, that is the target catalog.

    TIP:   If the both catalogs have the same name, you might want to rename one of the catalogs before opening it to help distinguish between the two catalogs as you work.

  2. Using another instance of the Catalog Manager, open the Presentation Catalog that contains the items that you want to copy, that is the source catalog.
  3. If necessary, reposition both instances of Catalog Manager on your screen so you can display the title bars of both Catalog Manager instances.
  4. In the source Presentation Catalog, right-click the source item and choose Copy for another catalog.
  5. In the target Presentation Catalog, right-click at the point where you want to paste the source item and choose Paste from another catalog.
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