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forgetAccount() Method

Use this method to remove an Oracle BI Web Services internal ID to account name mapping. This action is useful when an account mapping was created by mistake, for example as a side effect of an updateGlobalSAWPrivilegeACL method with a misspelled account name.


void forgetAccount(Account account, Integer cleanuplevel, String sessionID);


Account account

Specifies the accounts to forget, supplied in the Account structure. For information about the Account structure, read ACL Structure.

Integer cleanuplevel

Specifies the amount of mapping information to remove. Set to 0 to remove the mapping from an internal account ID and a user or group name. Set to 1 to remove the user directory if accounts refer to a user.

String sessionID

Specifies the session ID, which is usually returned by the logon method. If the SOAP client engine can handle HTTP cookies, you can omit the session ID or set it to null.

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