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What's New in This Release

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Overview of Oracle BI Web Services

What is the Simple Object Access Protocol?

What is Oracle BI Web Services?

Using Item Signatures in Oracle BI Web Services

Accessing the Oracle BI Web Services Interface

Oracle BI Web Services Licensing and Permissions

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Description of Structures in Oracle BI Web Services

Structures and Services

AccessControlToken Structure

Account Structure

AccountsFilter Structure

ACL Structure

AuthResult Structure

CatalogItemsFilter Structure

CatalogObject Structure

ErrorInfo Structure

ExportImportFlags Structure

GetSubItemsParams Structure

ImportError Structure

ItemInfo Structure

NameValuePair Structure

Privilege Structure

QueryResults Structure

ReportHTMLOptions Structure

ReportHTMLLinksMode Enumeration

ReportParams Structure

ReportRef Structure

SAColumn Structure

SASubjectArea Structure

SATable Structure

SAWLocale Structure

SAWSessionParameters Structure

SessionEnvironment Structure

StartPageParams Structure

UpdateACLParams Structure

UpdateACLMode Enumeration

UpdateCatalogItemACLParams Structure

Variable Structure

XMLQueryExecutionOptions Structure

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Description of Services in Oracle BI Web Services

HtmlViewService Service

About HtmlViewService Bridging and Callback URLs

addReportToPage() Method

endPage() Method

getCommonBodyHTML() Method

getHeadersHTML() Method

getHTMLForReport() Method

setBridge() Method

startPage() Method

iBotService Service

executeIBotNow() Method

MetadataService Service

describeColumn() Method

describeSubjectArea() Method

describeTable() Method

getSubjectAreas() Method

ReplicationService Service

export() Method

_import() Method

markForReplication() Method

ReportEditingService Service

applyReportParams() Method

generateReportSQL() Method

SAWSessionService Service

getCurUser() Method

impersonate() Method

impersonateex() Method

keepAlive() Method

logoff() Method

logon() Method

logonex() Method

GetSessionEnvironment() Method

SecurityService Service

forgetAccount() Method

getCatalogAccountsDatabase() Method

getGlobalPrivilegeACL() Method

getGlobalPrivileges() Method

getPermissions() Method

getCatalogAccountsDatabase() Method

renameAccount() Method

updateGlobalPrivilegeACL() Method

WebCatalogService Service

ErrorDetailsLevel Enumeration

copyItem() Method

createFolder() Method

createLink() Method

deleteItem() Method

getItemInfo() Method

getSubItems() Method

moveItem() Method

readObject() Method

readObjects() Method

removeFolder() Method

setItemAttributes() Method

setItemProperty() Method

takeOwnership() Method

updateCatalogItemACL Method

writeObject() Method

writeObjects() Method

writeReport() Method

writeDashboard() Method

writeDashboardPrompt() Method

writeDashboardPage() Method

writeSavedFilter() Method

XMLViewService Service

XMLQueryOutputFormat Enumeration

cancelQuery() Method

executeSQLQuery() Method

executeXMLQuery() Method

fetchNext() Method

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Format of Returned Recordsets

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Code Example

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