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HtmlViewService Service

Use this service to embed Oracle BI HTML results in third-party dynamic Web pages, such as Active Server Pages (ASP) or JavaServer Pages (JSP), and portal frameworks. The embed process merges Oracle BI Web Services content with the content of third-party Web pages. Table 36 shows the supported methods.

Table 36. HtmlViewService Methods
Method Name

addReportToPage() Method

Adds results to an HTML page.

endPage() Method

Destroys a server page object and all data associated with it.

getCommonBodyHTML() Method

Retrieves HTML to include in the <BODY> section.

getHeadersHTML() Method

Retrieves HTML to include in the <HEAD> section.

getHTMLForReport() Method

Retrieves HTML to display a particular set of results.

setBridge() Method

Specifies a bridge URL to receive communications. Can be useful when the Oracle BI Web Services server and the user's Presentation Services reside on different machines or when you want to modify the results in your application development environment.

startPage() Method

Creates a new page object and returns its ID.

The methods in the HTMLViewService service extract fragments of HTML code that can be inserted in third-party Web pages. Table 37 describes the HTML code excerpts and desired page locations.

Table 37. HTML Code Fragments and Page Locations for the HtmlViewService Service
HTML Code Fragment
Desired Page Location


Should be inserted in the <HEAD> section of an HTML page. The code contains links to common JavaScript files and style sheets.

Report Objects

Can be inserted anywhere in the <BODY> section.

Common Body

Should be inserted in the <BODY> tag after all report links. The code contains hidden HTML elements that are used to implement drilldown links.

For each returned report object, the HTML code fragment contains a callback link that is followed automatically when the Web page is loaded by the browser. The code fragment does not contain the full user interface definition of the report. While the report is being constructed by Oracle BI Web Services, the interface displays the Oracle BI Web Services "Searching..." image embedded on the third-party Web page.

For smooth report transitioning, Oracle BI Web Services tracks the Oracle BI reports that have been added to third-party Web pages by maintaining information in an internal logical page object during the construction of the third-party Web page. The HtmlViewService service methods explicitly refer to the internal logical page by its ID.

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