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Setting Up the SA System Subject Area

The Oracle BI Presentation Services is preconfigured to look for the SA System subject area on startup and will use it if it exists. You can import any external schema that holds group membership, users' primary email addresses, and users' SMTP devices (cell phones, handhelds, and so on), and then map it to the SA System subject area.

You can add columns to the SA System table (for example, adding a provider name) by extending the underlying physical tables and columns.

This section contains the following topics:

Guidelines for Implementing the SA System Subject Area

The name for the subject area must always be SA System. If you use the SA System subject area, the following set-up guidelines apply:

  • Users and groups. Every user and group must be present in the data. Oracle BI does not support group membership through a mix of internal Oracle BI repository users and external users in the SA System subject area.
  • Delivery profile. It is not recommended for the user to set up a delivery profile because there is no way for Oracle BI Administrators to control this profile. For example, the Oracle BI Administrator loses the ability to perform a mass update of email addresses. If a user does set up a delivery profile, the delivery profile will take precedence over what is shown in the SA System subject area.
  • Authorization and authentication. This option affects what users are allowed to do in the system (authorization), not who users are (authentication). For related information about database authentication, refer to About Oracle BI Delivers and Database Authentication.

    CAUTION:  An existing configuration option (the Alerts element) in instanceconfig.xml controls how logon names are treated before accessing the SA System subject area. For example, login names might be converted to all uppercase. For more information, refer to Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services Administration Guide.

  • Security settings. The SA System subject area only needs to have read-access to the Administrator account and as a result, security settings are not compromised. If group membership is seen as privileged data, you can allow only the Oracle BI Administrator to have access to this subject area.

Setting Up the SA System Subject Area for a Stand-Alone Implementation

Oracle BI standalone customers also need to create and populate the SA System subject area in the Oracle BI repository.

Customers who install the Oracle BI Server in a standalone environment (without Oracle BI Applications) must perform the following tasks in the order shown:

NOTE:  For Oracle BI Application customers, the SA System subject area is preconfigured in their Oracle BI repository.

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