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About Siebel Analytics Applications Licensing

If you have purchased a Siebel Analytics application, the Siebel Analytics repository (.rpd) file is generated based on the license keys for that application. For example, if you did not license Siebel Delivers, this product will not be installed. Siebel Analytics licensing may significantly reduce the size of your repository file, depending on the specific Siebel Analytics application that you purchased. If you have licensed Siebel Sales Analytics, you will be able to view and use only those Siebel Analytics dashboards, subject areas, and reports related to Sales Analytics.

The Siebel Analytics application licensing feature trims only the repository. The Web Catalog is not trimmed. It is recommended that you do trim the Web Catalog and remove those dashboards that are not relevant to your business needs. (Dashboards and reports are organized in shared folders according to the business areas. For example, all objects included under Marketing Analytics are stored in the /shared/Marketing folder.)

NOTE:  You can also edit the repository file and make it smaller to provide improved performance.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004