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Adding Converted Fonts to Charting Image Server

This procedure adds a non-installed font to PopChart Image Server. You edit a Corda chart template (pcxml) to reference the newly converted font. The pcxml files describing various chart types are located in $INSTALLDIR\Web\App\Res\s_Siebel7\PopBin. Edit the pcxml files so that the converted font is referenced. Any text editor can be used.

NOTE:  Back up this directory before editing any pcxml files.

To add a font to PopChart Image Server

  1. Open the chart file (for example, pie.pcxml) in the text editor.
  2. In the file, add the "Name" attribute wherever "Font" is specified.

    By default, no font name is referenced in these files but a font size is.

    For example, in pie.pcxml, to add the Arial font:

    <Properties TransparentFill='True' BorderType='None' Font='Size:11; Style:Bold;'/>

    you add the font name attribute so that the line reads:

    <Properties TransparentFill='True' BorderType='None' Font='Name:Arial; Size:11; Style:Bold;'/>

  3. Save and close the pcxml file.

To see the changes, stop and restart the Siebel Analytics Web Server and PopChart server.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004