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Forcing Siebel Analytics Web to Use the Clustered ODBC

In order to use Siebel Analytics Web with clustering, you must use separate procedures for each operating system platform.

  1. UNIX

To use clustering under UNIX

  1. Modify the $INSTALLDIR/Data/web/config/instanceconfig.xml file to use the data source name (DSN) that was created in Configuring a Clustered ODBC on UNIX. (See also the section on working in the Siebel Analytics Web configuration file in Siebel Analytics Web Administration Guide.)
  2. To use the new clustered DSN, restart Siebel Analytics Web and the Web Server.

To use clustering under Windows

  1. Using the wizard described in Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide, create a clustered data source name.

    Note the name of the clustered DSN.

  2. Using regedit, open the registry file. Modify (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Siebel Systems, Inc.\Siebel Analytics\Web\7.7\DSN) to be the name of the clustered DSN that you have just created.
  3. Restart Siebel Analytics Web and IIS to use the new clustered DSN.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004