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About Siebel Analytics Scheduler Tables

This section gives brief descriptions of the database tables used by Siebel Analytics Scheduler. If you are not using Siebel Analytics Scheduler, you do not need the information in this section.

NOTE:  For Siebel Analytics applications, the Scheduler tables were created during the installation of Siebel 7.0.x and 7.5.x operational applications. Siebel Analytics 7.7 uses updated Scheduler tables. These updates are delivered as .sif files that must be applied by your Siebel Administrator. For procedures on applying .sif files, see Siebel Data Warehouse Installation and Administration Guide.

You can either create a new database to store the tables or use an existing one. After you have created a database, create the Scheduler tables by executing (where xxx is the database type). If you are using usage statistics, create the table in

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004