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Configuring IBM DB2 Connect for Queries on Siebel Analytics Server

IBM DB2 Connect does not support the option of automatically disconnecting when an application using it receives an interrupt request. If you are running a relational database that uses DB2 Connect workstation, then you must change the setting of the parameter INTERRUPT_ENABLED. This parameter must be set on any Siebel Analytics Server machine using DB2 as a data source.

NOTE:  DB2 Connect must be installed on the Siebel Analytics Server box and the version used must match the version used by the DB2 instance being used as the data source.

To configure the INTERRUPT_ENABLED parameter

  1. Configure a database alias to be used as the native CLI Data Source Name. For example, create a new database entry using DB2 Configuration Assistant.
  2. Using the database alias created and the name of the actual target DB2 database, set the INTERRUPT_ENABLED parameter using the following syntax:

    uncatalog dcs db local_dcsname

    catalog dcs db local_dcsname as target_dbname parms ",,INTERRUPT_ENABLED"


    • local_dcsname represents the local name of the host or AS/400 database (database alias name).
    • target_dbname represents the name of database on the host or AS/400 database system.

      Example using OS390 DB2 instance:

    uncatalog dcs db DB2_390

    catalog dcs db DB2_390 as Q10B parms ",,INTERRUPT_ENABLED,,,,,"

    catalog database DB2_390 as DB2_390 at node NDE1EF20 authentication dcs

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004