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Configuring Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) for Siebel Analytics

If you are required to change the settings for Internet Information Server for your Siebel Analytics installation, perform the procedure in this section.

NOTE:  If IIS is not already installed on your system, refer to Microsoft documentation for the latest information on how to install the version of IIS required for your operating system.

To add or change IIS components

  1. Start Internet Services Manager.
  2. From the Microsoft Management Console, select the Default Web Site icon. Right-click and choose New > Virtual Directory.
  3. In the New Virtual Directory Wizard, as the name for the alias to be used to access the Siebel Answers application, enter analytics, and then click Next.
  4. Use the Browse button to navigate to the directory in which the Siebel Analytics Web components are installed.
  5. Select the following options, then click Finish:
    • Allow Read Access
    • Allow Script Access
    • Allow Execute Access
  6. Select the newly created Siebel Analytics Web script icon, and then right-click and choose Properties.
    1. On the Directory Security tab, click Edit in the Enable anonymous access to edit the authentication methods area. This opens the Authentication Methods dialog box.
    2. Make sure the option Integrated Windows Authentication is not selected.
    3. (Optional) Click Browse and select a user that has access to the network and click OK.

      In most cases, the default user IUSR_machinename is sufficient, but you may need to enter a domain account with more network privileges. This account needs full access to both the Siebel Analytics installation directory and the Siebel Analytics temporary data directory, as described in the section Checking Permissions Settings for Installation Folders.

      NOTE:  When configuring the Siebel Analytics Web component on Windows 2000, the anonymous user account specified must have Read and Write access to the Siebel Analytics directory. Write access is required to access Siebel Analytics Server through ODBC.

    4. Select the option Allow IIS to control password and click OK.
  7. Click OK successively until you exit to the Microsoft Management Console, and then close the console.

NOTE:  The user IUSR_machinename must match the true name of the machine being used. Servers that have been installed from a mirror image, and with IIS pre-installed, typically do not meet this condition. Because IUSR_machinename is created during the IIS installation process, the only remedy is for the administrator to uninstall and reinstall IIS.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004