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Installing GSKit on HP-UX

You install GSKit on the machine where Siebel Analytic Server resides. By default, the GSK is installed in /opt/ibm/gsk6.

When you use LDAP authentication over SSL on HP-UX, at the login time you may see an error message such as:

/usr/lib/ Can't find path for shared library:

To avoid this, add /usr/lib explicitly to the SHLIB_PATH environment variable in the Siebel Analytic Server start-up script.

To install GSKit on HP-UX

  1. Copy the file gskit604d-hp.tar under the GSK directory to a temporary directory.
  2. Unpack the tar file:

    tar -xvf gskit604d-hp.tar

    This will create the gsk6bas directory.

  3. Go to gsk6bas directory.
  4. List the software available at the current location for verification:

    swlist -s `pwd`

    You should see files similar to these:

    gsk6bas   IBM gsk6 RUNTIME KIT

  5. Install the GSKit.

    swinstall -s `pwd`

    SD install GUI is displayed.

    1. Select gsk6bas.
    2. Select Actions > Mark For Install.
    3. Select Actions > Install.

      Analysis is complete when the status field reads Ready.

    4. Click OK.
    5. Click Yes to begin installation. Installation is complete when the status fields reads Completed.
    6. Click Done.
  6. Exit SD install GUI.
  7. Use swlist to see if software is installed on the machine:

    swlist | grep gsk6bas

Uninstalling GSKit on HP-UX

Uninstall the GSKit using the following procedure.

To uninstall GSKit on HP-UX

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Run swremove.
  3. SD Remove window appears.

    NOTE:  Make sure the environment variable DISPLAY is set correctly if you log in remotely.

  4. Hightlight gsk6bas.
  5. Remove gsk6bas.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004