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Localization of Analytics Components

To receive localized message strings for Siebel Analytics Server, you must set the locale during the platform installation, in the Error Message Language screen, as described in Analytics Platform Installer Wizard Screens and Prompts.

The primary mechanism for displaying localized table and column names is Externalize Metadata Strings. To determine which table and column names are localized, see the topic Using the Externalize Strings Utility for Localization.

Table 30 lists the Siebel Analytics components that are localized or not localized.

Table 30. Analytics Components and Localization
Analytics Component


Siebel Analytics Web interface

Siebel Analytics Web messages:

  • error
  • warning
  • information

Siebel Analytics Server functions:

  • DayName
  • MonthName

NOTE:  If a query is issued using the DayName or MonthName function, but the function is not shipped to a back-end database, then the day or month name is returned in the localized language but the column name remains in English (or may be affected by other localization controls). As an example of this situation, if the LOCALE parameter is set for German, the MonthName query returns the string "Mai" but the column header remains "Name of Month."

Siebel Analytics Server and Scheduler messages:

  • error
  • warning
  • information

Log files:

  • nQServer.log for Siebel Analytics Server
  • nqQuery.log for Siebel Analytics Server
  • If Clustering is enabled, nQCluster.log for Analytics Server Cluster


  • Siebel Analytics Web dashboards and reports (SiebelAnalytics.webcat)
  • Presentation table and column names (SiebelAnalytics.rpd)
  • Informatica (ENU and JPN locales only)

Disconnected Client interface

Not Localized

Server Administration Tool interface

Scheduler Job Manager interface

Data Warehouse Administration Console

ODBC client tools:

  • nqcmd.exe (UNIX)
  • nQCmd.exe (Windows)
  • nQClient.exe (Windows)


ODBC setup (see Configuring an Analytics ODBC Data Source Under UNIX)

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